I've lived in the Sutherland Shire for most of my life, and was Dux of Engadine High School in 2005. I graduated with a geography degree  from the University of Wollongong, and have since worked at SBS, TAFE NSW, and the NSW Department of Education. In my spare time I enjoy reading, going to the beach, bushwalking, and travelling.


I’m running for office because I am fed up with the major parties maintaining our insane mass immigration intake, despite very few Australians actually wanting this.

Before you start thinking racism or xenophobia, let’s examine the facts. 

We are the driest inhabited continent on Earth, essentially a thin strip of fertile land on the edge of a giant desert. Water is scarce, soils are poor, and only 6% of the land is arable.

Locals are being priced out of the neighbourhoods they grew up in by wealthy foreign buyers who can afford to pay more. Student visa holders are cramming into overcrowded accommodation, allowing landlords to charge exorbitant rents. Our young people are missing out on jobs, as employers prefer having access to a desperate, compliant foreign workforce that will accept lower wages and conditions. Commute times keep increasing as we deal with gridlocked traffic, and when we eventually get to our destination, we can’t find a parking spot. It’s getting harder to find a seat on the train or bus. Hospital waiting lists keep increasing. Pollution is getting worse…the list goes on.

It doesn’t take Einstein to figure out that rapid population growth is the root cause of these problems. We have the highest immigration rate in the developed world - our annual intake has almost tripled in the past 25 years. From 2013 to 18, the annual cap was set at an absurd 190,000. In the past 8 years alone we have added nearly 1.5 million permanent residents – more than the entire population of Adelaide – and these figures don’t even include our refugee intake or the 2.3 million people currently residing here on temporary visas.
So the last thing we need is population growth. Yet it keeps being forced upon us by corporate and political elites, who use it to boost their profits and brag about GDP growth via an ever increasing consumer base.

For the top 1%, it doesn’t matter if houses cost a million dollars, if rents are skyrocketing, if high rise apartments are replacing trees and backyards, if local graduates can’t find a job, or if public hospital waiting lists keep increasing.

But it matters to the rest of us – regular people on regular incomes, who are seeing their quality of life deteriorate from a flawed economic model that’s based on constantly flooding a dry, inhospitable continent with more people, with locals not prioritised for jobs, real estate, and access to government services, and with no consideration given to the adverse effects on our quality of life.

I’m not delusional – I’m not expecting to win the seat. But I’m at least giving you a chance to vote for someone who will prioritise our own people before anyone else, pushing for policies that aim to preserve our quality of life whilst maintaining a stable population. If you think this makes more sense than aimlessly marching on the path towards a big Australia, then you can vote 1 Independent, Matt Bryan, on May 18.